Concrete pumping is a clean, fast and effective way of moving concrete to locations where it can’t be poured directly from the mixer.

Using one of our concrete pumps is the ideal way of transporting concrete to particularly hard to reach areas, such as through a property, around obstacles, up steep slopes, or over difficult terrain. By using a pump, you will be benefiting from a cost-effective solution that saves time and money on manual labour.


Benefits of Concrete Pumping

Our concrete pumping service can be advantageous for many different purposes, from an extension at a domestic dwelling through to a large-scale industrial development. Some of the benefits of concrete pumping include:
Reduced Manpower
Traditionally a larger amount of people or time would be spent to transport wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of concrete mix from the mixer to its end destination, however a concrete pump can reduce the time to lay the concrete significantly. It also requires considerably less manpower as the pump does all the hard work for you.
Improved Precision
Spreading concrete directly out of the mixer or from a wheelbarrow can lead to more waste, however the use of our pump will improve precision considerably and in turn reduce the amount of mix you are wasting. The use of our concrete pumps can reduce the time taken on this element of your project.
Accessing Hard-To-Reach Areas
If you’re working in an awkward area or somewhere away from the main access road, delivering concrete from A to B can be a challenge. However, with a concrete pump this problem is a thing of the past as the pump takes the liquid concrete exactly where it needs to go.

At Greyline UK, our line pumps deliver concrete or liquid floor screed straight to your location, making it ideal for laying floors, foundations, slabs and floor screeds. We cater for all sizes of jobs from small DIY home renovations to large construction projects.

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