When booking your job, we need to know the following information from you in order to proceed with ease:

Address and Contact Details

We require the full site address along with customer name, telephone number and email address prior to booking.

Volume of Concrete/Screed

Please ensure you know the precise amount of concrete/screed to be pumped in cubic metres (m³).

Distance to be Pumped

The furthest distance from the vehicle that the concrete/screed is required.

Date and Time

If you are supplying the concrete, please ensure the supplier is booked for the same date and time as our pumping service.

Other Considerations

Concrete Supply

If you are ordering direct from a concrete supplier, please ensure the concrete is ordered as a ‘Pump Mix’.

Pump Preparation

We require one additional bag of cement to prime the pump before use.

Vehicle Location

Please ensure there is a suitable place to park the vehicle, wash out and dispose of any waste concrete on site.

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