For a quick and easy method of transporting liquid concrete from one location to another on your building site, the concrete pumping services offered here at Greyline UK tick all the right boxes. We offer our services to customers in and around Kettering and have previously worked on both domestic and commercial projects.

If you’re working in an awkward, difficult to access area, getting the concrete you need for the project has the potential to cause issues. However, using our concrete pumping equipment alleviates all these problems, ensuring your project doesn’t fall behind or push your budget too far.

Why choose concrete pumping for your project?

There are many reasons why investing in concrete pumping for your Kettering property can be beneficial, including:

  • Making it easy to get concrete to awkward locations as the pump can go through properties, over difficult terrain, up steep slopes and much more
  • Requiring fewer people on site who would manually have had to take the concrete from the mixer to its end destination
  • Creating less waste and therefore saving money thanks to its increased accuracy of distribution
  • Saving time and money as the concrete can be pumped far quicker than having to complete the task by hand

Our line pumps deliver concrete or liquid floor screed straight to your location, making it ideal for laying floors, foundations, slabs and floor screeds, so get in touch with a member of our team today to find out more about how we can help with your project.

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